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12th Timmins Venturers

The Votes are in:
President Kyle Touchette
Minister of Records Keith Davidge
Minister of Finances Shawn Gray
Minister of Public Relations Chris Touchette

Member Chris Parsons
Member Mitchel Boudreau
Member John Mills
Member Mike Chapeskie

Advisor Ian Parsons
A Message from the Editor
Due to lack of participation from the other groups in the district, this page has reverted to the people that actually registered it in the first place. So welcome one and all to the 12th Timmins Venturers Web Page.

Welcome one and all to the new site. We are still in search of new members & advisors Venturers, a division of scouting for high school students, have a load of fun. They bowl, camp, hike, play dungeons & dragons, and whatever else they would like to do. For info on each members AD&D character go to Shawn's Web Site.

President's Forum
Bylaws Revised Mar. 2000
Public Relations

Members Personal Pages
Shawn's Homepage
Chris Parson's Homepage
New Registrant Information
Registration Fee: $52.00
Meeting Night & Time:
Monday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Meeting Place: 1st United Church
Corner of Pine & Eigth
Uniform (need not buy until after 1 month): $62.07
Going to CJ '01?
We're gonna volanteer!