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Updates & Record kept by Shawn Gray Last updated April 5th, 2000

Hello everyone. I, Shawn Gray, am the Minister of Finance for the 12th Timmins Venturer company. Though this page is primarily for my company's own use, occasionally we have found that some people will aid a company that is in financial dificulty. Anyone can see how someone is doing for dues and the like. I will not include information on members with financial difficulty. I will not include exact results from fund-raisers. I will not include anything that I do not believe should be available to the general public. Home
Dues UpdateFines & Pop Fee Owing
Name:Months OwingName:Amount Owing:
Kyle Touchette1Mitchel Boudreau$1.00
Kieth Davidge0Kieth Davidge$0.20
Shawn Gray0Chris Parsons$1.00
Chris Parsons.25Camp Fees Owing:
Chris Touchette1Name:Amount Owing:
Mitchel Boudreau1Mitchel Boudreau$2.29
Total Owed from above
Kyle Touchette$2.00
Kieth Davidge$0.20
Shawn Gray$0.00
Chris Parsons$1.45
Chris Touchette$2.00
Mitchel Boudreau$5.29